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Want to save a lot of money, time, and pain with your dental care?

Watch our video to see how with PREDENTIVE


What makes PREDENTIVE different?

PREDENTIVE is changing the way of traditional dentistry by making it a positive experience, tailored to suit your individual needs.



  • We get it. You hate the process of going to the dentist.
  • Maybe it takes up a big chunk of your day.
  • Maybe you feel like a number instead of a valued friend.
  • Maybe you feel like the office is always running behind schedule.
  • Maybe the sound of the drill in the background gives you the willies.

  • Maybe you don’t like the sterile environment of the office and it puts you on edge.
  • Maybe you are unsure that what the dentist is telling you is what you really need.
  • This has to change and that’s why we’re here.


Do it the PREDENTIVE way.

PreDentive is changing the way of traditional dentistry by making it a positive experience, tailored to suit your individual needs. We’re doing this by focusing solely on preventative and hygienic dentistry.
This will:

Save You Time

You can easily schedule your appointments online. And we reduce the amount of time you wait because our dentists is waiting to see you, not busy drilling another patient.

Save You Money

Once you come and experience our process, you will be more committed to regular preventative visits. This in turn will save you large chunks of money down the road. We don’t benefit from you having more treatments done, so we’ll give you honest recommendations of what you really need.

Help You Avoid Uncertainty

We don’t fix teeth—we help you prevent dental problems from happening in the first place. Because we don’t benefit from fixing your teeth, you can trust our recommendations about their condition. PREDENTIVE gives you peace of mind.

Help You Avoid Pain

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That is the essence of PREDENTIVE. Our entire focus is on prevention. It is far less painful to get into the routine of regular PREDENTIVE appointments than to suffer through a whole night of a toothache.

It’s about time you have a positive experience going to the dentist.

Our unique system will save you time on each visit, provide you with honest unbiased recommendations, can save you a significant amount of money each year, and help you dramatically reduce dental pain and discomfort.



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