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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a Dentist at your office?

Yes. And we love our Dentists!  In order to give you an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your teeth, we recommend you have an examination by our Dentist after your cleaning.


Do I have to see the dentist?

We understand that some of you would prefer not to see the Dentist.  Some people just like the feel of a fresh cleaning and wish to exclude the examination from their visit.  While we recommend that you see our Dentist for at least your first appointment, the examination is a service like any other, and you can certainly opt out if you wish.


If you find a cavity or an issue that will require treatment from a Dentist, who will I go to?

It is important that your expectations match up with the treatment style and philosophy of your treating Dentist.  We do our best to make that happen for you.  If a cosmetic restoration is most important to you, we can match you up with an appropriate Dentist; likewise, if your biggest concern is cost we can make the appropriate referral.  Consider us your partner in finding the best solution for your own individual needs.


What insurances do you take?

We accept most dental insurance plans.  For information about specific plans, please contact our office directly.


Why would I come to PreDentive rather than getting a cleaning at my family Dentist?

If you have a family Dentist that you like and trust, then you probably wouldn’t.  And that’s great!  But we believe, for most people we offer a better, unique solution to routine preventative oral care.  Our sole focus is to give people a one-of-a-kind dental experience, in terms of the atmosphere, education, and quality of care.  Try us out just once – we think you’ll love the experience!


Why go to two different dental offices when I could do both the cleanings/exams and the treatment at just one office?

Most Dentists don’t have time in their schedules to squeeze in a crown, or even a filling.  You probably have to end up being scheduled back for that treatment anyway.  And if you work closer to our office than your family Dentist, wouldn’t it make sense and save you time to take care of your routine cleanings here?


What types of Whitening solutions do you offer?

We have 3 Whitening solutions, or a combination of those 3, depending on your individual needs.

  1. The first and most effective solution is our Zoom Whitening system. In about one hour we can lighten most people’s teeth by 6 to 8 shades!

2. For those with more sensitive teeth, we also have an in-office system that will whiten most people’s teeth 3 to 4 shades in the same amount of time.

3. And for those who wish to try a take-home system, we provide that as well. It costs less, but can only whiten about 2 shades.


How long will a typical appointment take?

We have 4 basic appointment types:

  1. Initial Exam – For your first appointment expect about an hour. There are some extra things that have to be done on just this one appointment.

2. Regular Cleaning – This appointment can be more catered to suit your individual needs. If you are a regular patient, don’t require x-rays, and opt-out of the exam, it can be as short as 30 minutes.  However, if you would like more detailed, individualized instructions, and to talk over a potential treatment plan with the Dentist, then it could be between 45 minutes and an hour.

3. In-office Whitening – This appointment takes about one hour, but you’ll leave with a great looking smile. And we guarantee results!

4. Deep Cleaning (for a patient with mild to moderate periodontal issues) – Depending on your individual needs, this appointment can take anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes. But most people don’t require this service.


Is it legal in Utah to have a hygiene-focused practice?

Although this is a newer model for Utah, it has been tried successfully in other states.  It is legal to have an office such as PreDentive as long as a Dentist is present for 3 important services:

  1. Nitrous Oxide – If a patient would like to have a cleaning while on nitrous oxide, then a Dentist must be present. We offer this service for our patients who are more anxious about a dental visit.

2. Local Anesthesia – For the small percentage of patients who require a deep cleaning, it is more comfortable for them if they are numb. For the Hygienist to administer local anesthesia, the Dentist must be present.

3. New Patient – To establish a patient of record, which means for your initial visit, a Dentist must be present.


Do you accept patients without insurance?

Absolutely!  Our desire is to accommodate the needs of all patients.


Can I bring my kids?

Of course!  We’d love to see your whole family!

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