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PREDENTIVE: It Makes Sense in So Many Ways!

The other day, I finally caved on the 13th reminder to go in and get my semiannual exam and cleaning at the dentist. The hygienist got in, did her stuff and made sure she got a few jabs in like “are you sure you’re flossing every night?” like I’m a 6 year old boy. By the time the dentist came back and did his final “inspection”, I had been in the office for a routine cleaning 90 minutes. This was followed by, “oh, by the way, you have 3 new cavities that need to be repaired right away”. Really, 3 new cavities? I thought all of my teeth had already been filled. This is why I usually discard those reminders to go in for these exams.

What PreDentive is doing by focusing solely on the preventative and hygiene aspects of dentistry just makes sense! By applying their resources, efficiencies, and expertise towards this side of the dentistry model, they really will be able to save YOU and me as the consumers valuable time, money, pain and give you peace of mind. This concept may be new in the dentistry world but certainly not new in hundreds of other industries as they progress and evolve. Think of the auto maintenance and service industry. There was a time when you only had the option to take your car to either an auto mechanic or the dealership in order to have a simple but extremely important service done…that of the “lube and
oil”. There were several problems with this…first; even though we knew it was very important to get our car’s oil changed to maintain the engine of the car, it seemed like every time we would take them in, the mechanic would find a bunch of other things that were wrong with the car. Unless you knew a lot about cars or had a friend to take it to and get a second opinion, you were left at the mercy of the mechanic. This could certainly create a conflict of interest. Also, because the mechanic or dealership was not only focusing on lube and oils, they seem to take a while to get to your car for the lube and oil as they were spending time changing brake pads or replacing a transmission. You could spend a couple of hours just waiting for the lube and oil. Then came the first quick lube and oil stations like Jiffy Lube in the early 1980’s. Their focus was obviously entirely on the lube and oil aspects of the auto maintenance industry. They could get you in and out in 30 minutes or so and not “find” all sorts of other mechanical issues all and do it at a reasonable price. Now, take that model of a Jiffy Lube, and imagine if they also had an experienced mechanic on site who did a full diagnostic of your car and if they found something that needed to be fixed, would not do the work there but instead refer the work to a reputable experienced mechanic or pass the information on to your own mechanic if you already had one BUT wasn’t paid for the referral. In other words, you could totally trust the diagnosis of the mechanic because there was no conflict of interest. Lastly, what if the Jiffy Lube “lounge” was an awesome place to hang out with HD tv’s, wifi, drinks and an incredible atmosphere where the employees never tried to “up-sell” you on anything but provided pertinent maintenance info. specifically for your car. If they did all of this at a reasonable price, in 30 to 45 minutes then they would be like PreDentive!

Everything PreDentive is doing just makes more sense for YOU. They have cut the amount of time it takes to get an exam, cleaning, and x-rays in about half of the national average so YOU can get back do your busy schedule. They help YOU find potential problems that can turn into a lot of pain and money if not caught early. Catching a potential problem area before it turns into a cavity or a cavity before it turns into a root canal saves you money, time and pain. They help YOU by providing a diagnosis without even the thought of a conflict of interest as they will not perform the treatment work if needed. They help YOU by having a team whose sole purpose is hygiene and are true experts in their field. Their team with create a customized hygiene care plan for YOU based on your individual habits and oral care. They help YOU by providing an awesome atmosphere to hang out in for the short while that you are there.

All this, and most dental insurances cover these services. If you don’t have dental insurance, they have very competitive pricing to make sure that you get the preventative care you need each year.

PreDentive…..it just makes sense!


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