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Predentive Services

Dentistry shouldn’t be approached with

a one-size-fits-all mindset.

We recognize that each one of our patients is unique and therefore has a different set of needs. We have the tools to provide a comfortable, customized cleaning. But that’s just one of the many services we provide. Check out what we offer and see how we can provide a positive dental experience for you.


Dental Cleaning

Our focus at PreDentive is to provide a positive and personalized cleaning experience.
Our experienced hygienists perform a customized cleaning and assessment for every patient. If you don’t like the pokey metal scraper, we’ll find something more comfortable. We use the latest cleaning technology in the industry. Dental cleaning services include teeth cleaning, X-rays, fluoride care, and an exam with the dentist followed by a personalized educational plan on how to care for your teeth.
If you wish to have the dentist examine your teeth, we’ll provide a diagnosis of your teeth’s condition and we can help you decide where to go from there. Because we focus on cleanings, we can save you more time than the typical dental visit! We promise the best in dental cleaning services.


Teeth Whitening

We offer multiple teeth whitening services that’ll brighten your look and give you even more to smile about.
Whether you want to whiten your teeth in our office or in your own home, we offer both options. Our professional-grade take-home whitening trays provide flexibility in your whitening process. Use them at your own convenience—during the middle of the day
or as part of your nightly routine – whatever works best for you. Schedule an appointment to try our Zoom Whitening System. Most people can lighten their teeth 6-8 shades in about an hour. You won’t be able to stop smiling with your results!


Dental First and Second Opinions

We like your dentist, too. This will be just between us.
If you choose to have the dentist examine your teeth, we’ll provide you with a diagnosis on their condition. With this diagnosis, we can help you find the right dentist for you. If you already have a dentist, we will give him or her the needed information for the treatment. If you’re not sure where to go, we have a list of trusted dentists that can do the work, and we get zero kick-back for referring.
Secondly, not every dentist’s style matches up with your expectations. Some are conservative and some are aggressive. If you’ve had a cleaning and your dentist says you’re in need of some work, we’re happy to check your teeth again to give you a second opinion. Getting the diagnosis right will save you time, money and avoid any unnecessary pain. Either way, we’re only invested in your good oral health.

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