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The Importance of Second Opinions

Getting second opinions when it comes to health care isn’t all that popular. In fact, in a survey of 5,000 Americans taken in 2005, over half of them said they never look to get a second opinion for a medical diagnosis. However, studies show that seeking a second opinion can often times prevent the wrong diagnosis!

So, why don’t we get second opinions more often?



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It’s a common fear that you may offend your doctor if you ask to get a second opinion, but a good doctor may be able to refer you to a specialist and will understand your right to seeking a second opinion. 


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Along with the fear of insulting your physician, you may fear you don’t have the time to even begin thinking about seeing another doctor! Yet in most cases you can, and should, spare the time to get to know the diagnosis, what it means for you, and the proper care and treatment you should receive.


3.We Think All Treatment Is the Same

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Doctors use their best knowledge and discretion to diagnose medical issues, but that doesn’t mean all doctors practice the same way. Studies show that 30 percent of patients, who sought second opinions for elective surgery, found that the two opinions were not in agreement.”


So, when is it appropriate to seek out second opinions?


  • When cost is a concern
  • If you have doubts about your doctor or the diagnosis
  • A big problem was diagnosed that you weren’t expecting
  • Work that had been done that hasn’t fixed the problem


If you do decide to get a second opinion, be transparent with the new doctor about the problem, your previous diagnosis, and your concerns. What matters most it that you’re receiving the proper treatment you need, and a good doctor will want to help you with that!

What are your thoughts on second opinions? Comment below!

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