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The Truth About Vaping

Whereas much is known about the effects of tobacco use, the current state of knowledge regarding e-cigarettes and other vaping devices is harder to find. But I did find a little bit of research out there. Here is what they studies are showing.

Think electronic cigarettes without nicotine are harmless? Think again. A new study shows that the flavorings in e-cigs can harm human infection-fighting cells. E-cigarettes work by heating a flavored liquid to make a mist that users inhale, or “vape.” These flavored liquids, usually contain nicotine but not always.

Teens are particularly draw to the flavorings that e-cigarettes use. Research is showing that teens often try e-cigarettes because of the fruity and candy flavorings. While such flavorings are considered safe in foods. That doesn’t mean these same chemicals are safe to breathe in. They could harm parts of the respiratory tract, such as the lungs.

What about electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine? Studies have shown that they raise adrenaline levels which can be hard on the heart over time. At a glance e-cigarettes may seem safe. But that is simply not the case.

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