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Why PreDentive?

You might be wondering what makes PreDentive different. Aren’t we just another dental office? And aren’t all dental offices pretty much the same? No and nope.

PreDentive dental office

Not all dental offices or approaches are created equal. PreDentive started because we noticed the dental experience could be improved for patients like you and me. Sometimes going to the dentist takes a long time because other patient’s dental work takes longer than expected. Sometimes going to the dentist makes you feel uncertain…do you really need another filling? Sometimes going to the dentist is just downright unpleasant. From the ultra sterile environment, to the drilling noises down the hall, to feeling nervous…we get it!

predentive dental office

As many as 75% of American adults have some degree of dental fear or anxiety. At PreDentive we noticed all the things that make going to the dentist a negative experience and we’ve turned them into positives!

Here are the things we believe make the PreDentive experience the best dental experience:

  1. We Save You Time

    You can easily schedule your appointments online. And we reduce the amount of time you wait because our dentists is waiting to see you, not busy drilling another patient. Because we focus on cleanings, we can save you, and all our patients, more time than the typical dental visit!

  2. We Save You Money

    Once you come and experience our process, you will be more committed to regular preventative visits. This in turn will save you large chunks of money down the road. We don’t benefit from you having more treatments done, so we’ll give you honest recommendations of what you really need.

  3. Help You Avoid Uncertainty

    We don’t fix teeth—we help you prevent dental problems from happening in the first place. Because we don’t benefit from fixing your teeth, you can trust our recommendations about their condition. PreDentive gives you peace of mind. If you choose to have the dentist examine your teeth during your visit, we’ll provide you with a diagnosis on their condition. With this diagnosis, we can help you find the right dentist for you. If you already have a dentist, we will give him or her the needed information for the treatment. If you’re not sure where to go, we have a list of trusted dentists that can do the work, and we get zero kick-back for referring.

  4. Help You Avoid Pain

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That is the essence of PreDentive. Our entire focus is on prevention. It is far less painful to get into the routine of regular PreDentive appointments than to suffer through a whole night of a toothache! As we like to say, dentistry isn’t expensive…neglect is!

    predentive dental office

  5. We Help You Feel Comfortable

    At our office we’ve tried to eliminate all the things that make a dental office…unsettling. When you step through our doors you’ll feel like you’re entering a spa like space complete with exposed brick, warm and inviting furniture, and state of the art light fixtures. You won’t hear any cries or off-putting drills because our dentist is on-site only to diagnose! Once you’ve been to PreDentive, you’ll want to keep coming back!



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